Barclays Mobile Banking App – Broken for Windows Platform

Barclays Customers have been extremely frustrated since the 3rd May when Microsoft wp_ss_20170506_0001rolled out Windows Mobile Creators 10 Update: 15063.251 leaving the Barclays Mobile Banking App & the Pingit App reporting the device is jail broken.

Having reported this to Barclays they seem to blame Microsoft and state they are working on a fix however unable to provide a timescale to the issue.

Last night the Windows Mobile Creators 10 Update: 15063.297 was pushed out to Windows Phone Devices and to no avail – Users are still experiencing the same issue with both Mobile Banking Apps reporting the device is jail broken.

For those experiencing this issue please ensure to log a formal complaint to Barclays using this link regarding this matter as there appears to be little awareness of this issue within the business.


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