First Look at the Windows 11 Insider Preview

As a Windows Insider running on the Dev channel, its finally appeared today so testing out on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 device.

Read this article Introducing Windows Insider Channels | Windows Insider Blog to learn more about the Insider channels.

And couple of hours later… here we are:

Took a short while to get the hang of using my new centrally positioned task bar, now situated at the bottom of the screen from the Left of the screen, as per my previous configuration, but I’m getting used to it.

The Windows 11 Taskbar

I think I prefer the usability of the screen space now, by not having the start /taskbar on my other screens as I use three. There is a setting to enable the taskbar to show on all screens should you wish to under:

Settings / Personalisation / Taskbar /Taskbar Behaviours
Triple Monitor View
The Windows 11 Start Menu

Much neater version of the Start Menu than previous versions. Concise, the search feature still works should you hit the Windows Key and start typing..

The Windows 11 Widgets Menu

Verdict – Love it!

The notification alerts sounds are far gentle than Windows 10 so I’m liking it.

Seemed a little buggy intitially so I had to uninstall all unnecessary apps – to lighten the load despite doing so, using more than one Microsoft 365 apps were killing my CPU, For example, having Outlook running on its own was fine, until I launched OneNote or Excel –

So I suggest switching to the the new improved Office Suite of mobile apps which work a treat – except when you need multiple Excel workbooks running which is limited via the mobile app.

I’m looking forward to the improvements but not rolling back to Windows 10 anytime soon.


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