MS Build Dev Tools: Windows Terminal & WinGet

So this post is back from May 2020 after attending Microsoft Build – this was one of the key takeaways of the event for me, which I am eventually getting around to posting.

I’m looking forward to integrating WinGet command into my Intune Autopilot Lab build

New Windows Terminal

I love the capability of tabs within the Terminal itself. Download Windows Terminal:

Windows Package Manager Preview

Learn further here:

Use WinGet to use you must have App Installer (Insider Preview version). Winget will be available in Windows 10 2004 in an upcoming release.

Download & Install away using WinGet!! For example just type the following into the Windows Terminal window; WinGet downloads, extracts and installs PowerToys for you.

WinGet Install Powertoys

Obtain a list of available WinGet Packages:

winget search

To install WinGet packages use Application ID criteria obtained from the search output:

winget install --exact --silent "ApplicationId"

Here are the commands available:

winget [<command>] [<options>]

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