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I wanted to share what I have been working on behind the scenes with you all. Not sure how many women follow my tech blog – but this one is for all you #WomenInTech, #WomeninSTEM, #WomenInBusiness

The Vision

My vision was to create a Fem-Tech business Corporate Dynamism® and brand: Bobbi | London™ prioritising a supplier chain of female-led business’.

The Drive

Having spent almost two decades working in technology, the one thing I struggled with most during my daily commute or when travelling away for work, was finding a suitable laptop/notebook bag which catered for my:

  • Surface Pro or laptop
  • documents
  • chargers, powerbanks & tech accessories,
  • basic essentials such as wallet, purse, sunglasses, bottle of water, umbrella etc.
  • Oh & my espresso machine.

A bag which was durable and elegant that was designed with a woman in mind.

The Problem

Having tried a number of designer hand bags over the years, I found they were not adequate enough in size to house my surface pro. The bags which were large enough didn’t contain any padded protection sleeve or just consisted of one large inconvenient main compartment. I also found them to lack durability as eventually the handles would give way.

The Solution

Predominately over the last couple of years (although the concept dates back 15 years). I put together a concept board, sketches and began working on a number of design variations for a bag prototype, given my background and passion for wearable technology I have incorporated a number of tech innovative features. Finishing the collection with a series of tech related accessories.

Last year I engaged the services of a renowned London fashion-house consultancy who at present are working on developing my designs into mock up and a working prototype. Of what I believe will be the ideal Corporate Bag along with a number of Tech Accessories all designed to provide elegance, sophistication & make life on the go efficient !

I’m super looking forward to bringing you all my first collection which I’m hoping to launch later this year. We had some set backs due to Covid-19 at the start of this year. However, it was a great moment this week to have seen one of my first products for the collection rolling off the production line. Its been an amazing journey…

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